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You can barely see through the narrow opening in your helm, your face is hot from your own breath, your horse tenses in anticipation and readiness... You let him run, you lower your lance... And you see 1500 pounds of horse and steel begin the charge towards you from the other end of the field...

Believe it or not, jousting is a growing sport. People have always looked to history for interest and inspiration. After several hundred years of decline, people are looking at jousting as a challenging and thrilling competitive sport. The IJA is one of many groups that is bringing jousting back as viable and relatively safe passtime.

The IJA-Canada is a recognized branch of the International Jousting Association. The IJA has members in England, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Sweden, and the USA.

What We Do

The objectives of the IJA-Canada are to:

Electronic Lists

If you are interested in membership or in the immediate goings on of the IJA-Canada, there is an electronic list you can join. This list is intended to be a place where like-minded individuals can discuss the IJA-Canada, as well as historical and modern jousting issues as a whole. Membership in the IJA is not a requirement to belong to this list.

Click here to join the IJA-Canada Yahoo! List
Click to join the IJA-Canada Yahoo! List

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IJA-Canada Secretary
Jordan Heron
35 Lane Rd, R.R.#1,
Dunnville, ONTARIO
N1A 2W1

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